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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

~ Brown Beans ~

My Father always called them "Brown Beans". When he was young he lived with his Grandmother and times were hard. He said that there were times when they ate brown beans seven times a week, plain brown beans with nothing more to season them with than salt, maybe wild onions if they were lucky enough to be in season. Hardly ever did they have any meat. When I was growing up there was meat on the table three times a day no matter what. And when we had beans there was plenty of meat and cornbread to go around and have leftovers to boot, I hated beans and could not figure out why my Father still liked them, if I had to live on them the way he did as a child I would not allow them in my house. Now for some reason I like beans, and every time I have them I think of my Father. I just finished off a pot last night, Dad would have liked them.

You Will Need:

2 - 16 oz bags Pinto Beans (it’s what I had)
2 - Smoked Turkey Legs
1 - 10 oz can Rotel Diced Tomatoes w/ Green Chiles
3 - Tbs Diced Jalapenos (Hot)
1 - Stick of Butter
2 - Chicken Bouillon Cubes
1 - med White Onion (Diced) or 2 tsp Onion Powder
--- Water
--- Salt & Pepper


Always pick through beans and discard anything that is not a bean. In a large Dutch oven fill about half way full with water and add beans and bouillon, bring to a boil turn off fire and cover, soak over night. Next day over a low fire, salt lightly, cover and simmer for about two hours (when I cover a pot I tilt the lid enough to let some steam exit from the back side of the pan, and when lifting the lid I always lift it from the back and away from me as not to get a face full of hot steam) add both turkey legs, onion, and butter, add enough water to cover and simmer for about 2 more hours, remove bones (the meat should come off pretty easily by now) add Rotel and jalapenos, water if needed, pepper to taste, simmer for about another hour or until beans are done to your liking. First bowl you should eat by itself, second bowl always with cornbread (Jiffy). Any left over beans go great in Chili. And BTW, the smoked turkey legs were my sister’s idea to try and cut down on fat. Peace and Good Eating.


Blogger Chef Babs said...

Along with maturity, comes an appreciation for the simple things in life. I like this, it's a recipe of endearment with a message. Lovin' it!

10:32 AM  

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