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Friday, November 10, 2006

A Couple Of Household Tips

I know these are not recipes but I thought I would pass them along anyway.

1. Whenever you’ve had your hands in something like onions, garlic, fish, or even gasoline or any other chemicals that might leave an odor on your hands even after several washings, try using a little mouthwash to wash your hands in, it really works.

2. Teeth Whitening, there’s a hundred new methods out now to help whiten your teeth, my daughter and I tried “Listerine Prerinse Whitener” and we could tell a big difference after the first use, the only thing we did differently from what the directions stated was that we brushed are teeth with it instead of just normal rinsing, I thought it tasted like toilet bowl cleaner and as a joke poured a little in the toilet and let it sit for a while, later when I flushed the toilet it was actually cleaner. I let my sister try it (she's a coffee drinker and smoker) and now she uses it, my daughter also got her mother using it (she also smokes and drinks coffee) and we can all tell a big difference, so the stuff really works, give it a try.


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