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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ophelia's Own Stuffing Recipe

It tickles me pink, when I get a new recipe in from all of you. But I am especially pleased, when I get one from a General, on my personal blog. This was sent to me, by one of my 4Star DB Generals, Ophelia. You should visit Ophelia Mourne, at her site. If you are in tune with yourself, you will feel the vibrant and eclectic vibes, that emanate from her blog.

If you ask me, there's always a taste and time for stuffing. I'm going to try this with a nice chicken breast on the side. Or for you busy Mom's, you could mix a can of breast meat, right in. I love good stuffing and this recipe has me salivating.

Here is my secret stuffing mix, from scratch. yum. Anyone can wing it. No measuring or fussing.

Make sure the proportions match

Loaf of bread. Your choice and preferred amount. I like using good quality grain bread.
Chicken broth
a small cup of instant whole wheat rice. Uncle Ben's is pretty good. Try using extra chicken broth instead of water. brings out the flavor.
Cut up slices of bacon, take strips and cut in small pieces. (This is optional and its better to cook before hand and drain.)
White Onion
A few cloves of garlic, minced
Mushrooms diced
Half olive oil half butter, melt together. about three tablespoons each.
Seasonings. I use a little basil and thyme if on hand. Really its your creation, have fun with that spice. Just don't add too much. Little always goes a long way.

Preheat oven at 350. Cut fresh bread into cubes and line along cookie sheet. Bake until moist but firm. Set aside.
In Separate skillet saute celery and onion in butter olive oil mixture, saute until soft add mushrooms halfway through. Cook until slightly caramelized.
Add the bread cubes to skillet, mixing evenly, add the spices little by little each stir.
After that's all mixed add small amounts of chicken broth until desired moistness. Pour into casserole dish or oven safe dish and warm through till lightly crisp on top.
Fluff with fork and serve.
If you make extra portions, cool to room temperature, seal in Ziploc and freeze. Stores well for a couple months. Defrost before reheating.

Hope you all love this. Add or take out whatever you like.


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