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Monday, June 18, 2007

Those Dirty Carrots

Have you ever bought a bag of “baby” carrots? Did you notice that they taste very unlikesterile, uniform and tasteless regular carrots? There’s a reason for that; there’s no such thing. They’re not underdeveloped carrots plucked from the ground while they still have that cute rounded uniform embryonic shape.

Baby carrots are actually regular carrots that aren’t aesthetically pleasing enough for North American supermarkets, cut into uniform size and shape.

It used to be that up to 70% of carrots were thrown out for not looking pretty. In 1986, a California farmer came up with the idea of making them “babies”.

Problem is, they’re more expensive than regular carrots. They also don’t taste as good. They’re made from a variety of carrot known as the Imperator, bred to grow faster and ripen quickly, and because of this, they only have 70% of the beta carotene of a normal carrot and a bland flavour. I’ll stick to regular carrots.



Anonymous It's Me... Maven said...

Interesting tidbit! Did not know this! I buy them because they are clean and ready and portable and good to go right out of the bag, no thinkin' involved!

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Babz Bitchin said...

Maven, me too! Those damn Imperator's, sounds like a naked king or something. I like 'em with ranch.

7:08 AM  

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