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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rival Crockpot Warning

Our old pal, AZCG, sent us this SNAFU situation. Heed the warning please!!! We want to thank AZCG for taking the time, the effort, to send us a genuine warning, concerning this appliance. This most certainly could be disastrous!

AZCG writes...

Hey Babs!

I was making chicken stock in my Rival Crockpot the other day and after I finished I was wiping off the exterior of the stainless steel heating unit when the handle completely came apart in my hand. If this had happened when I was moving the slow cooker when it was full I would have been burned. I checked the Internet to see if Rival had any Crockpot recalls and sure enough they did, but my Crockpot was not one that was recalled. The recall was for handles breaking off the heating units -- and other had problems with the plastic lid handles breaking off. I got the Crockpot as a Christmas gift in 2005, but I've used it less than 10 times, so a word to the wise do not lift a full Crockpot by its handles when it is full, and be very careful if you are putting the unit away with the crock insert because the weight of the crock and lid are enough to snap the handles off.


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Anonymous It's Me... Maven said...

That's not just a burn warning... that's a disaster waiting to happen on a lot of different levels. The heaviness of the crock is sure to bust some bones, plus the idea of several quarts of molten liquid suddenly gushing forth... DISASTER INDEED!!!

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Babz Bitchin said...

Maven, where there's disaster...I WILL find it!

7:04 AM  
Anonymous AZCG said...

I guess I should have mentioned that another problem Rival has had is the slow cooker overheating. I don't mean the food inside is boiling on the "Low" setting, I mean it gets so hot it's melting the surface it's sitting on (countertops have gotten scorched along with tabletops and other surfaces). So I guess if you get a Rival Crock Pot it would be safer if you were home the first time you use it, just to make sure you don't have one that overheats to a point of setting your house on fire.

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just letting you know I got a nasty burn from my crock pot last week when my rival crock pot handle platic fell apart and splashed hot chicken soup all over me I've only used mine about 9 times over 2 years .

2:53 PM  

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